Tuesday, December 17, 2013


I found this course to be very beneficial!  It allowed me to learn some new things as well as revisit some tools that I had not used in a while.  I really appreciated the tools that allowed me to make quality looking visuals that I can use in my counseling classes. Also, it has given me many ideas to share with my building tech committee and to encourage them to try out.  Overall, this has been one of my most beneficial tech trainings and gave me things that I could implement and share.  I would highly encourage others to take this class....and have!  

Monday, December 2, 2013

4 Things...

After looking at the available resources and having to pick out 4 things...the following are what I chose: 1) Cybersmartcurriculum.org I really liked the presentations this site had and can use this in my counseling lessons when I am talking about bullying and safety. I think that safety in technology needs to be addressed at a young age, because so many of our students are already on tablets and computers, interacting in ways that we never would have dreamed of. So, learning about online safety and appropriate online behavior would be a huge asset when talking about incorporating technology in the classroom. 2) Pics4learning.com I liked this because it was very simple to use and had appropriate photos that would go with an educational presentation. I like to use these photos in small groups and when talking about emotions, asking students when they see a picture, how it makes them feel. This gives me a library of appropriate content without having to do an online search. 3) Go Animate I think that this site would be really cool to have access to. I watched some of the preview videos and being able to make a presentation with cartoon avatars and then being able to do voice recordings could be a real attention getter. The only drawback to this site was that this service is not free. I believe the educator account for 1 person was $99 dollars. So, I would have to be able to really incorporate this in my lessons for me to feel that I was getting my money's worth. 4) Slideshare Slideshare is the one that I am looking forward to trying out in the classroom and using it with my lessons. I love using visuals, and I already have some powerpoints made up. This site would allow me to upload them and then to edit them in some other ways AND share them through blogs, websites, etc. It would make my powerpoints easy to access and pleasing to watch for the audience. One of the things I would like to try this with is reading a book and making the pictures the slides as I read the book. Then, without having to "click" this site would make my powerpoint into a smooth video that could be shared anywhere. LOVE IT!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


I love the idea of using Skype or some other type of way to communicate with people in our own buildings and across the world! There is so much that you could do. I just recently got a webcam at school and the tech committee and I are looking at ways to utilize either Skype or Google Hangouts. One idea is to incorporate this with our morning announcements. By doing this, all of the students could see who was doing the announcements instead of just hearing a voice, and the students that get recognized for weekly rewards could be seen as well! I am really excited to see if we can make something like this happen. It also can open up a lot of learning opportunities for the students to see technology implemented in other ways. I have also used Skype in the past on Career Day when an individual was not able to come and make it personally. Instead of having to be there to talk to the students about their jobs, they were able to Skype and share their information that way. I can't wait to see what my group can come up with and how we utilize these tools!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Facebook and Twitter

I don't have a Facebook account anymore...I did but I went "off the grid" and have no regrets. Now, I don't want to sit here and get on a soapbox about Facebook and Twitter and air out my personal feelings, but I think there are some things to be considered. Educationally, I think that Facebook and Twitter are GREAT ways to communicate with the majority in a very quick fashion. The nice thing about Facebook posts and Twitter is that you can reach a large amount of people in minimal time, and get pertinent information to them. Social networking can be very powerful! I like Twitter more than I do Facebook...mainly b/c I think that it allows you to be very purposeful in what you are commenting on and what you follow (#youknowwhatimsaying, #goodpoint) HAHA...jk! Obviously, it can also be overused and not very purposeful at the same time. For me, I felt that there wasn't a lot of privacy left when using social networking. I found myself looking at Facebook posts a lot and posting stuff that really wasn't that big of a deal. I am not one that really cares about what you had for dinner or when your next manicure appointment is :) Seriously though, I just felt like the people who needed to know things about me could get in contact with me or me with them. BUT I have NOTHING against Facebook/Twitter or what they have to offer! That was a PERSONAL decision for me. I think that the pros outweigh the cons! For all of the negative things you hear Facebook/Twitter being used for...I don't think that there is a faster way to communicate. I find it very interesting to see what hashtags are blowing up the Twitterverse when certain social or political events are taking place. Again, the ability to get information out there in a very direct manner and to get it to a large amount of people in a very limited time is amazing. We can always send notes home to parents and never really know whether they have seen it or not. With Facebook, it is almost impossible to miss new post (depending on your settings). I think, from an educational standpoint, that it is a great way to communicate!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Play Week!!!

I really enjoyed just getting to tinker with some of the sites that were new to me this week. I especially enjoyed Big Huge Labs. I played around with it quite a bit and have begun brainstorming how I could tie this in to some fun things with the youth group that I help out with as well as giving great visuals in my counseling classroom. I don't have a lot of pictures uploaded, but I am looking forward to using this site more. Here is a look at a quick movie poster that was thrown together while playing around:

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Animoto, PhotoPeach and Picasa

I really enjoyed this assignment and had some experience already with Animoto and Picasa. PhotoPeach was completely new to me, but I think it can be very beneficial. I especially liked the ability to make the pictures into a quiz. Although I focused on MIZZOU while I was just playing around with these sites, I really did put some thought into how I could utilize them in the classroom. Most people would agree that visuals capture student's attention and really can bring home specific points, depending on how they are presented. I have been thinking about taking pictures of students being good and bad examples of our PBiS expectations and turning that into a quiz, which I can use in my counseling classroom for teaching the character word of the month, as well as going over appropriate social skills. Animoto is another tool that I could use to make some slideshows, that are engaging, with examples of the character words, etc. I like the fact that they are all easy to use and the presentations that you can make look clean and professional.

THE #5 Missouri Tigers!!!

I had a great weekend at the Mizzou vs. Florida game!!!  It was a blast and is definitely a great year to be a sports fan in Missouri! (Tigers, Chiefs, Cardinals)  Below is the quick show I did with PhotoPeach.  Enjoy!

MIZZOU!!! on PhotoPeach